Gay Games Rodeo Frequently Asked Questions

The Rodeo at Gay Games Registration

The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) board of directors approved the 'The Rodeo at Gay Games' to be held in conjunction with the Federation of Gay Games in Akron Ohio as an affiliated event of 2014 Gay Games.

  1. How do I register for the Gay Games 9 (GG9) Rodeo?
  2. Registration for the Gay Games is either a one or two-step process depending upon your desired degree of participation. There are separate registration processes with separate fees for both the Gay Games and the affiliated IGRA rodeo.
    • Official Gay Games General Registration: (open now)
      Registration is encouraged with the Gay Games 9. Doing so allows competitors, volunteers, officials, or staff members to participate in the Opening and Closing ceremonies, receive a participation medal, take transportation to events, among other benefits.
      Gay Games General Registration fees operate on a sliding scale depending upon how soon you choose to register.

      The GG9 fee is US $195.00.

      This registration is, however, NOT mandatory to participate in the IGRA rodeo.

    • IGRA Rodeo Registration: NOW OPEN
      Preliminary Registration for current IGRA competitors will open on the IGRA website on or about September 1, 2014. Registration will be identical for that of other standard IGRA events. Event fees will be $25.00 per go.

      IGRA registration will remain open until May 31, 2014 and is MANDATORY for current member/competitor participation. The customary $50.00 deposit will be required.

      The procedure for NEW competitors (those who have never competed at an IGRA rodeo before this rodeo) is contained in the announcement on NEW CONTESTANTS.

      Refunds for Rodeo deposits will be available until April 13, 2014 for those registrants who become unable to compete.

  3. Why is IGRA registration open so early?
  4. Early registration assists the rodeo planning committee of IGRA to effectively coordinate for event and contestant needs.
  5. What are the rodeo dates?
  6. The "GG9 Rodeo" will be held August 10 and 11, 2014 and administered as a single event.
  7. How are points, ribbons, and buckles to be awarded?
  8. Points towards the World Gay Rodeo Finals® will accrue as with any sanctioned IGRA rodeo in the 2014 season.
    • Traditional Rodeo Ribbons will also be given for the top five placements.
    • A special IGRA GG9 Champion Buckle will be awarded to each event's top average winners.
    • Regardless of how a competitor chooses to register (Rodeo Only, or Rodeo and GG), all competitors are eligible for Gold, Silver, and Bronze award medals to the top three event average winners.
  9. How can I get more information?
  10. Additional information, including how to register and how to compete, participate and volunteer at the GG9 Rodeo will be made available as it develops on the IGRA website (, the Gay Games Rodeo website (, the Gay Games Rodeo Facebook page and the Gay Games 9 website (

First posted Mar 7, 2014
Last update May 22, 2014